Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Review: Sex Signs

Sex Signs, by Judith Bennett

Now, before you go "oh, one of THOSE Astrology books" just hang on a minute! This was a SURPRISINGLY good book. It's not about how to seduce each sign, or how the signs work in concert in romantic relationships. This book dissects how each sign reacts in love, and speaking as a Taurus? She's got me down to a T. And it's not just a quick blurb on each sign, either! My copy seems to be an older version than the one I've linked, but the section on Taurus alone is 40 pages long. And almost all of it describes me perfectly.

Each sign is broken down into sections. First is a checklist of personality traits. I fit 30 of the 35 listed for Taurus. Next up is "General Traits and Background" followed by three to four paragraphs on EVERY SINGLE ONE of those 35 personality traits initially listed! Things like "habit-bound" and "sensuous" and "persistent" and "humble." After the traits are out of the way, we move into a couple pages on Taurus Relationships. Then about a page on Childhood. We get about three pages on "How the Taurus Woman Relates: Lovers and Other Intimates" followed by "What Kind of Man She Needs" and "Advice to the Man in her Life." Next is five pages on her sexuality, including a subheading of Early Sexual Experiences. Then we have "Love and Sex," "What Kind of Lover She Needs," "What She Needs to Learn" and "Taurus Anger." Then it goes into "Taurus Lifestyles" with subheadings of "Monogamy and Non-monogamy" and "Alternative Lifestyles" which include menage a trois, open marriages, intimate networks, and lesbian/bisexual. The last page or so sums up the sun sign.

The kind of detail that goes into dissecting each sign is just amazing. I wish there was a similar book for the signs as they relate to men, as this book is very much the feminine side of each sign. But if there is, I haven't found it yet. Overall, AMAZING book. Very well put together, very insightful, and at least for me and Taurus, spot on.

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