Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Review: A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book

Pagan Ritual Prayer Book, A by Ceisiwr Serith

This one is quiet similar to A Book of Pagan Prayer by the same author, (Review) though I think he means these to be used in more formal settings - in rituals. Really, they're pretty interchangeable. It's just more prayers. Sections in this book include "Beginnings," "The Home," "Callings," "Praise," "Consecrations and Blessings," "Times of the Day/Month/Year/Life," and "Endings."

There are prayers for healing, prayers for travel and safety, prayers for inspiration. Nearly anything you can think of to pray for is in this book.

A few examples:

An "Urban Prayer"
In the midst of a busy city, the gods crowd close,
each asking for worship,
the gods of each and all.
You are so many that I can't begin to honor you one by one:
take these words as a gift to you all.

To Air Spirits:
The Spirits of Air play about this plane as it flies.
May they seek their fun in keeping its flight smooth
rather than tossing it around.
May they compete among themselves to see which of them can best succeed in this.

"For help for a scientist"
Apollo, Lord of Truth, may I see into the truth when I perform my research today.
Apollo, Lord of the Good, may I create beautiful theories from it.
Hermes, god of trickery and speech, may I see beyond the obvious, no matter how attractive,
and convey it to others in attractive words,
although under your friend Apollo's watchful eye;
may the attractive be True, may the True be Good.

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