Friday, March 30, 2012

Gee Whillicker to Goddammit - Curse Words and Paganism

Warning: If the title wasn't clear enough, there will be curse words in this post and a lot of them!

My husband and I were talking recently about English curse words, and how the vast majority of the commonly used ones these days are monotheistic. I mean, look at this list:

Oh my god (or the internet OMG)
Dear god.
Dear Lord.
For christ's sakes. (or chrissakes)
Jesus! (or Jesus Christ)

And these words are so ingrained in us - at least my husband and I - that we still commonly use them when swearing. We discussed if we should try to change our language (oh my gods!) or leave it be. Hell is easy enough to change - who knows if you're saying "Oh, Hell" or "Oh, Hel"? The husband rather liked the thought of "Jupiter's COCK!"

Ultimately we decided to just leave it be; it's kind of a private amusement to be "blaspheming" against a god we don't think exists.

Do you curse? Do you use pagan-specific curse words if you do? Was it hard to switch from traditional epithets?