Thursday, February 23, 2012

44 Days of Witchery, Day 9: A Favorite Mythological Animal

Hm. Mythological Animal. Given the state of my house, I'd have to say dragons, lol. I have dragons EVERYWHERE. 

I don't hoard, or collect, what are you talking about? Just because I can't bring myself to sell any of my books - EVER - and I must have ALL of the series that I follow (I'm a completist, okay?) that doesn't mean I hoard things, right?

I mean, I have a ton of jewelry I never wear. And I like shiny things. And I'm always cold and curling around Sascha's heat...mmmmm, heat. 

Dragons? I have no idea what you're talking about. *shifty eyes*


  1. This post made me laugh. It reminded me of when we had to write an essay about our favorite animal in 5th grade. I wrote about dragons and how they were given a bad name and not all of them were evil. Hoarding was one of the things I mentioned in it. "They just like to collect things." The teacher made me re-write it because I had to "write about a real animal." She gave up after the third time. (And who is she to say dragons aren't real?)

    But yes, very much enjoyed this post. <3

    1. Pfft. Who is she to say dragons aren't real? :P They've been my favorite animal as far back as I can remember, too. Sleeping Beauty was my favorite Disney movie because the Queen turned herself into a dragon, and that was badass!