Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book Review: Ruling Planets

Ruling Planets by Christopher Renstrom

This book looks at an astrological viewpoint not enough considered; instead of your sun sign, it looks at the planet that rules your sun sign, and what sign that planet was in at your birth. So in my case, I am a Taurus. Venus rules Taurus, and Venus was in Aries when I was born. So I am a Child of Venus in Aries. My husband is a Child of the Moon in Aquarius.

Charts are included in the book, so it's easy to find out what sun sign you are (if you don't know) and what sign your ruling planet was in when you were born. It's a beautiful book, with glossy pages and colorful illustrations and photographs.

This is not an essential book for astrology lovers, but it is a neat, and somewhat unique, take on things.

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