About Me

I am a 30-year-old housewife living in Maryland.

My husband Sascha recently finished his term in the U.S. Military.

We're both eclectic pagans. Our paths actually differ quite widely, but make for very interesting conversation between us! A core tenet of both is pantheism, so we have common ground. (When he married me 5 years ago I was Christian; I'm still learning about paganism and where I fit best.)

We have a cat, no children, nor do we want them. We love other people's children, but we are too independent to want to be tied down by our own.

I work primarily with the Celtic pantheon, but revere the god and goddess in all their aspects and faces. If the goddess in her destructive aspect is what I need, I'm as likely to call on Kali as I am to call on Sekhmet; if it's protection I'm looking for, I'll pray to Athena or Brigid.

I'm still searching for a pagan path that truly resonates with me; though I haven't heard of it being called a path, really, I lean towards home and hearth witchery. I want my home to be a serene, peaceful place of love and laughter.

I am a feminist. Very, VERY much so. But I am a feminist in the vein of  "every woman should be able to choose what they want to do with their lives, and staying home and supporting their man is just as valid of a choice as having a high power career." I prefer to stay home and support my husband's career, and make his home life a wonderful one. I simply don't have the ambition to have that kind of career myself. He is an excellent leader, and I prefer to follow him. Not because he is male, but because I trust him as a person to make good decisions.

If I do end up having a career, it will be one born out of anger at today's politicians. Politicians who think a hearing on birth control shouldn't let any women talk about it. Politicians who think pre-natal screenings encourage the weeding out of  fetuses with birth defects. Politicians who, bit by bit, are working to erode women's rights. Abortion is getting restricted more and more; birth control is getting called a destructive force on our civilization. I simply do not understand how we can still be debating these things.

Now that Sascha is out of the military, he intends to use the GI Bill to go back to school; when he does, it's likely that I will too. I'm looking at a degree in gender/women's studies. I think I'd like to go work for Planned Parenthood and support women's rights. Equal rights for all, really. Because mixed in with the attacks on women are the attacks on GLBT folk, and it's revolting. I have many GLBT friends, and I strongly believe they should have all the same rights I do.