Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday News Roundup

This will be a mix of links to articles and a few sentences about some of them - primarily feminist news, but anything that catches my fancy, really.

Women Make Less Than Men at Every Education Level

A Depressing Digest of Proposed Anti-Abortion Laws

Boycott Rush  A list of Rush's sponsors, and sponsors who have pulled their ads due to the peoples' efforts on behalf of Sandra Fluke. And if you don't know what I'm talking about...
Sandra Fluke Not Allowed to Testify about Birth Control
Sandra Fluke Testifies about Birth Control
Rush Limbaugh Calls Fluke a Slut
Every Insult of Fluke by Rush Limbaugh, compiled in one neat list (and also demonstrating his lack of understanding of the way birth control works - you take a pill every day whether you're having sex or not, dumbass.)
President Obama Calls Fluke to Offer Support
Limbaugh "apologizes" (but only for his word choices, not for the sentiment, and only after several advertisers pull their ads)
16 year old gets bullied because of Rush She takes birth control to make her periods livable; fellow students found out and called her a slut because Limbaugh did...

Pair jailed for killing boy they believe to be a witch what makes this particularly terrible is the boy was the woman's younger brother; and he wasn't the only one they tortured, just the only one that died.

Santorum says Obama's religion is environmentalism (includes a bit on environmental pantheism)

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