Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kitchen Witch Wednesday

Well, today WAS going to be my first week of participating in KWW, but I haven't a clue what to write today!

I cleaned the oven today, that was about as kitcheny as I got. And it wasn't exactly witchy. I need to find a more natural way of cleaning the oven - preferably something that works as well as the "spray it on at night, let it sit overnight, wipe it off the morning" heavily chemical stuff. Because I burned a lot of stuff to the bottom of the oven (my cream of mushroom pork overflowed, okay?) And it just wiped right off. I didn't even burn my clove-orange mix of oils like I normally do when working in the kitchen.

Normally I turn on some music (lately a mix of S. J. Tucker and Jewel), light the candle under my oils or the Brigid candle on the stove top, and wash dishes. But today I slept in, had shit to do, and just did it without my normal ritual. Which might play a part into why I don't feel as peaceful afterwards as I normally do, I suppose.

Oh well. The oven is clean, laundry's in the machines, the cat's litter box is changed, and I still need a shower before the spouse's meeting tonight. And I have to make dinner. But tonight that's pretty easy; I'm just going to throw some "Tuscan Tomato Marinade" (by Lowry's) together with a bit of brown sugar, some herbs, Worcestershire, a can of diced tomatoes, and a can of olives, pour it over some chicken thighs, and serve that with rice. Usually comes out pretty good.

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