Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tarot Tuesday

So I spent the weekend in Baltimore, visiting friends. We move up that direction in three months, and I can't wait! But because of that, the only things that got posted this weekend were scheduled Days of Witchery posts. We got back pretty late last night, loved on our cat, and went to bed. But yesterday MORNING, before we left the Baltimore area, we went to a lovely pagan store in Laurel, Maryland, called The Crystal Fox. (more on that if you tune in on Friday!)

I finally rebought my first Tarot deck. You see, Tarot of the Cat People was originally gifted to me on my 18th birthday by my first boyfriend. I immediately loved it, and before long, the deck really started talking to me. I could read it so easily! But I made the mistake of using it in character in a live action role playing game. ....and the deck apparently tuned itself to game. Because years later, when I met Sascha, he asked me to do a spread one evening before the game. After I was finished, he said "well, I was hoping for something for ME. That's my character exactly, though." That's pretty much been the trend of the deck. It will not do real life stuff.

So I bought it again. I'm hoping with a fresh deck, I can do better. So. I will admit, I did not draw a random card today. This is my card, this has always been my card, and I quite like it in this deck. This is Temperance:

The description of the card in the little booklet: "Temperance does not need to watch as she pours water, so perfect is her control. Her patience and self-control are reflected in the cat. A cat will sit for hours in the same spot, waiting, thinking its private thoughts. A cat on the hunt is a study in self-control: one false move by its prey is the cat's gain. So this cat waits and watches as the water is being poured; it finds the motion and gurgle of the water interesting."

I could do better about self-control. (Well, really, what I mean is self-discipline, and that's a different card.) But I pride myself on keeping an even keel; I am an emotional person, but I do use logic, and I'm not screaming and crying one moment and happy and energetic the next. I try to be a fairly uncomplicated person. Serenity is something I strive for. Some of the keywords associated with this card are Harmony, Accommodation, Compatibility, Fusion, Confidence and Placidity.

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