Tuesday, February 28, 2012

44 Days of Witchery, Day 14: A favorite pagan holiday that you celebrate

Gotta be Yule. I grew up loving Christmas; just because I'm not Christian anymore doesn't change my love of the holiday! I love winter, first off, and then with the greens, and the bells, and the ribbons, and the holiday cheer, and the buying of gifts...and the decorating!

We now try to do a vigil for the sun on Winter Solstice, when we can. It's not often that it works out, because usually Sascha has to work, given that the solstice is usually a few days before Christmas. 

The one Vigil that was really successful was back home in Oregon, before we left to drive to North Carolina the first time. We stayed up all night with a few of our friends. And then went out to the butte just before sunrise and watched the sun come up. We had lamb stew, and colcannon, and lots of horsing around, and I think some gaming. It was an awesome night, and an awesome way to say goodbye to our friends before we moved. 

I just love the entire holiday season. I love the holiday baking, and the decorating, and the scents. I've always loved the music, too, but I feel like I need to find more pagan substitutes for the overly religious Christmas music.

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