Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A walk through the woods

Well, these crows apparently do not welcome my company like the crows back in Oregon did; they left soon after I began my walk, and are returning now, as I type this on the computer and watch them through the patio door. But my walk was enjoyable, nonetheless.

There were several trees with large, woody vines entwined around their trunks. I love seeing that image, even though I know it's not good for the tree.

Caught a crow mid-flight.

The squirrels were not as shy as the crows were; this guy scuttled around beside me for quite some time as I took pictures.

I love the S-curve of the creek through the woods; the way it has cut into the ground and made deep banks looks particularly cool.

One of the banks, held up by tree roots. There is a bit of trash in these woods, unfortunately. I've seen worse, but it's still disappointing.

Found a tiny sprig of holly growing; I was careful to walk around it and let it be. At least I think it's holly, but aren't holly leaves usually glossier? Not sure what else has those saw-tooth edged leaves, though.

Another bank held up by tree roots.

A large downed tree; looks like it came down quite some time ago.

I'm standing with my back to my apartment building here, looking deeper into the woods.

Turning around, I'm now facing my apartment, which you can just barely see through the trees. The woods wrap around the entire apartment complex, we occasionally see deer in the parking lot!

Thought this was an interesting little tree, with the bulby vine wrapped around the branch. At least I think it's a vine; it kind of looked like tree, but I'm not sure why it would have grown like that.

And I have to end this with what drew me out there in the first place today. So many crows!

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