Friday, February 8, 2013

C is for Car Trouble

You may have noticed I haven't posted much in the last week and a half. We were in a car accident last Wednesday, and the car's been in the shop since then. (We're all fine, medically, but the car's pretty banged up.)

Sascha still hasn't found a paying job since moving here, so we're still living on his unemployment. I had a job over the holidays, temp work at a craft store, but that's over and done with. So the financial stress plus the car stress has left me in...less than a writing mood, shall we say.

I blogged about the Cu Sith, or Black Dog, a couple of weeks ago, and how it contributed to our last major car accident. I had finally almost completely gotten over my anxiety about THAT car accident when we had this one. Now I have flashbacks from both accidents mixing in my brain and nightmares. So I haven't been sleeping well, and only go to bed when I'm exhausted for fear of staring into the dark and rehashing both accidents. (Which is why this post is getting written at 3 am.)

When we get the car back I'm planning to do a protection spell on it, but I haven't figured out just what I'm doing yet. I know I want to trace a pentacle on the hood, both sides, and the rear, but I'm not sure with what yet. Obviously I don't want anything permanent. Maybe just some water with essential oils in it? I'm thinking of smudging the inside of the car too. I have a sage stick lying around somewhere.

I know a couple of protection prayers, to Brigid - I should find something to weave a Brigid cross out of, perhaps, and hang that in the car.

The other logistical thing I'm trying to figure out is - where to do this. We live in an apartment; the parking lot isn't exactly private. I could perhaps pull it off at the parking lot at the brewery where Sascha is volunteering - it's a bit more secluded, and all his co-workers are, if not outright pagan themselves, completely accepting of it. (His boss wears the Norse hammer around his neck at all times!)

(If you're in the Maryland/DC area, you should totally come by and check out the brewery - it's Baying Hound Aleworks in Rockville. The people rock and the beer is tasty. I'll probably be there Saturday, and looks like I'll start being there most Thursdays from here on out.)

Hmmm. I just found this ritual. I like it. I'll modify it, of course, for my gods, but it's a good starting point. Has anyone protected their vehicle? What did you do?


  1. I've definitely saged a car or two. Also the LRP has served me well since my big accident in 2002.

  2. My car has a protective amulet hanging from the rear-view mirror. It's a piece of amethyst and a crow feather, since those are two objects that I channel energy through very easily. I set energetic shields into the amulet to anchor them and then hung the amulet in the truck. So far, so good.

  3. I've never tried a car protection spell before. I hope it goes well for you!

    And thanks for the tip on Baying Hound Aleworks - I live in the area, so i'll be sure to check it out. I've been dying for a pagan-friendly place to hang out ever since the College Perk was shut down.