Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Photo

So this isn't exactly a photo, but large graphics. NARAL just came out with their pro-choice report card, ranking the U.S. states by their pro-choice/anti-choice laws. I found it pretty interesting. (And I've added it to my resources for determining which states I will NEVER live in!)
So here's the map, followed by the actual report card:
I was very pleased to see my home state of Oregon got an A, as well as the state I live in now, Maryland. 

The actual report card:

This is the beginning of my summary of abortion laws by state. You can find the other posts here:


  1. Wow! I did not know there were so many states that's against! Scary. And out-of-date!
    In Sweden (the whole country) it's a free choice by law.

    1. Your comment made me realize I have several page-views from outside of the country, so the laws I'm familiar with, you guys probably aren't. So I've started a new series going through abortion laws state-by-state. The first one is here:

      I'll continue until I finish all fifty states. I meant to do 10 today, but it was simply too rage-inducing and I had to stop after four.