Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Photos

Today I'm going to post a series of photos. These are shot off my back patio; I live on the fourth story of an apartment building, and there are thick woods behind our building. (On the other side of the woods are a grassy park where I've seen a herd of deer, and then more woods.) The view makes the apartment a really enjoyable space.

The view from my patio in June:

It was pretty, and green, and lush.

Then Fall started to settle in:

The trees began to change color and give us some wonderful fall hues.

After Hurricane Sandy brushed past us on her way to New Jersey and New York, a lot of the leaves were missing!

It started to look more like winter at this point.

And just a few days ago, it looked like this.

I plan to continue taking pictures as the seasons change, I really like the progression!

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