Friday, March 16, 2012

Pagan Blog Project: F is for Fearless Feline

I'd hesitate to call her my familiar; Boudicca, our cat, doesn't seem terribly interested in my magical workings. What she IS interested in is me. She could be curled up in bed with Sascha, who went to bed early, but instead she's sitting in the same room with me, staring intently at me, and occasionally complaining that I haven't gone to bed yet.

Boudicca - Boudi for short, pronouced Bo-dee, is a pure-bred Maine Coon. After a couple of years of wanting a cat, but unable to get one per our lease, we moved again for the military and made sure to get a pet-friendly place. We knew we wanted a Maine Coon, and at the time thought we might eventually get stationed overseas, so a pure bred from a breeder, with a known medical history, seemed like the way to go. She's registered as Megacoon Boudicca Cailleach. We wanted a fearless cat, so naming her for the warrior queen who sacked Londinium seemed like the way to go. And as you can see, we did indeed get a fearsome beast:

She was born on April 1st, 2010. She came home on the weekend of the 4th of July. The breeder warned us she might take a couple days to come out of hiding, but in less than 12 hours she went from this:

to coming out and playing at our feet and on our bed. It's hard to remember that she was ever that tiny, as she weighs about 20 pounds now! She really did bond to me, because unfortunately Sascha was gone for the first four months she was home, then home for three, then gone again for eight more months. So by the time he got to spend those three months with her, she was already mine. And the eight month deployment just cemented it. He saw her like the above photo, then like this:

and then, when he got home from Afghanistan, like this:
The artillery practicing nearby and shaking the house doesn't faze her. Fireworks don't faze her. Thunderstorms don't faze her. Wrecking the car made her a little clingy for a few weeks, but then she was back to her normal self. She travels with us when we need to; we have a large kennel, and a harness and leash that she doesn't mind. 
She just curls up in the back and goes to sleep! She's been across the country twice, from North Carolina to Oregon and back. In and out of hotels. (She likes their sinks.)

But I think it was really tonight that I realized she is a familiar, and not just a house cat. A house cat would go sleep in bed and take advantage of my side being empty, right? Instead she's here by my feet. I've seen her leap off the bed and run for the door, growling, when someone knocks unexpectedly. Usually when I'm also napping; if I'm awake she doesn't tend to do that. I swear she understands me when I speak. She comes when called, and sits for her treats like a lady. 
She's gotten a little too big for sinks, but she still tries. (And let me tell you, the urge to turn the water on is almost overpowering sometimes!) She's absolutely huge, and can stand up and reach things on the counter without hardly trying:
That's a normal-height table! She really wanted that bowl of crow feathers. She turns two years old this April, and sometimes it's hard to believe. Have I really had her in my life that long? Gods willing, she'll be with us for years to come, through more moves and more changes. I'm sure she'll take them in stride. In fact, I could probably learn a lot from her on taking changes well. And on being fearless. 


  1. awesome post and beautiful cat. I adore maine coons - my parent's new kitten is half. I literally laughed out loud when I saw Boudi in the sink. Our siamese likes to chill in the bath tub, water or no water. Blessings. ~)O(~

  2. She's gorgeous! The picture of her on the couch is wonderful. There's so much personality in it, as well as the other ones. It definitely sounds like the two of you were meant to be together. <3

  3. I love Maine Coons, they are such beautiful cats. Thanks for sharing your tale of Boudica

  4. She's adorable! I love cats. We have a ragdoll, and she has made me hers too. My boyfriend works away from home during the weeks and comes home for the weekends, and I've noticed she gets a little jealous when she has to share me.

    You learn Swedish you said so now I just have to ask; why? Any paticular reason? I mean it's great, but why Swedish? (I've heard it's quite difficult?)
    I am trying to make my blog a little more non-swedish-speaking-friendly (and for my English practice of course) so I've translated the page "about me" and so far one post, it'll be more. And all is dual-language (I had such good responses on the project posts so I thought it was a good idea.)

    Blessed be!

    1. If American politics/policy keeps going down the drain, as it has been lately, my husband and I are seriously thinking about expatriating to Sweden in five years, when he's done with school. (We've heard they're short on engineers, and that's what he's going to school for.)