Friday, February 17, 2012

44 Days of Witchery, Day 3: Witchy Tools: Athame

I've only ever done one real ritual, so I've only ever used it once. However, when I first set up my altar (on a piece of particle board shelving across two cement blocks, lol!) I looked at it and thought "it's missing something." And then I realized the klaive fit perfectly. I did use the klaive in my protection ritual, so I suppose it is my athame. It's a bit...huge for an athame, lol. Here it is, sitting on a regular size piano bench:

So yeah. It's a replica of a "klaive" or the sword that werewolves bind spirits into, in Werewolf: the Apocalypse. This would be a slightly large dagger to a werewolf in their half-man/half-wolf form. Currently it lives on our mantle, as the altar is no longer big enough for it.

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